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    Hinge Door Wardrobes - Tristar Kitchens

    Hinge door wardrobes are fresh, and inventive storage units. They provide ample storage space and can be installed in or outside of the wall.

    Hinge door wardrobes offer up to three times as many clothes as an average wardrobe, while designed for doors that open inwards, rather than outwards. This saves floor space. Not only suitable for clothing storage,but they can also store bulk items including winter coats and bikes.

    Benefit Of Hinge Door Wardrobes

    Hinge Door Wardrobes optimise space in an otherwise small room. The inward opening doors utilise space effectively and can be installed in any home room or space. They suit small, limited rooms given their design to maximise space.

    Hinge Door Wardrobes Important Notes

    For aesthetic purposes, select a colour to match the room’s walls and flooring.

    Measure the width from the sidewall where the door will open.

    If storing anything furniture inside, the wardrobe must be 10 inches higher than the furniture structure. This is a vital safety precaution.

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    5 Steps To Install A Hinger Door Wardrobe

    Remove the old door, including the frame and hinges.

    Remove the screws, accessories, or trim to prepare for the Hinge Door Wardrobe

    Fix the new hingers and frame on the new door.

    Individual style, taste, and vision is core value at Stegbar. Our wardrobes are crafted in line with the client’s personal aesthetic vision board and functional needs. There is a style of wardrobe for any individual and home. We are here to bring it life.

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    Functionality collides with luxury and style in the Galleria Wardrobe Collection. The collection features classic or trendy designer colours, mattes, finishes, architectural hardware, charming accessories, and innovative lighting. A sanctuary for you to style and dress yourself every day.

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    Renown for its timelessness, the Hinged wardrobe door defines optimising space. Ideal for any expansive room, these wardrobes maximise storage and remain attractive.

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    Stegbar sliding doors are smooth, contemporary, and clean. No wonder they are popular designs for both inner-city apartments and modern family homes.

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