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    Custom Vanities - Tristar Kitchens

    Create and design a customised vanity, tailored to your needs and style tastes. Select the vanity size, shape, and colour to your desired bathroom design. A custom vanity allows optimal storage and easy, clean organisation that avoids countertop clutter.

    Custom vanities comprise of a variety of materials for your personal selection including wood, marble, and granite. Wooden materials are popular for vanities due its sleek, classic, and versatile nature.

    When designing your custom vanities, ensure the vanity will fit in the measured space, and provide ample storage and counter space. Custom vanity counters tend to comprise of two different styles; open or closed. Open vanity tops cover less floor space than closed vanity tops and are, therefore, ideal for smaller bathrooms.

    Why Hire Tristar Kitchens For Custom Vanities?

    Tristar Kitchen is renowned in Sydney for custom kitchen design, refreshment, and renovation.

    The company is widely credited for its fine art, precise craftsmanship, and attention to detail while following individual client designs. Services include kitchen renovation, bathroom vanities, custom cabinets, countertops, and cabinetry installation.

    Modern Trends In Vanity Design And Construction?

    Mirrors and lights above vanities are popular within modern household bathrooms. Alternatively, it is becoming popular to remove the mirrors above vanities. Sinks jutting above the countertop like a bowl and faucets fixed to the wall are another popular trend. Tristar Kitchens values keeping up with the ever-changing trends in modern bathrooms while honouring classic styles.

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