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    The kitchen is the warmth, light, and heart of a home. A place where food and memories meet as one. Sydney-based company Tristar Kitchens understands this.

    While style is an ever-changing art, comfort and functionality are vital for a kitchen. Our designers strive for customised kitchens with functionality and charming atmospheres. The customer requirements drive us to produce your customised kitchen to perfection.

    20 Years experience

    Our sales team and in-house designers strive to develop cutting-edge ideas, the foundation of your custom kitchen. We pay attention to design and installation, leaving you with a fresh, innovative kitchen fit for your individual needs and tastes.

    Kitchen refreshment and renovation is the heart of our business. With practicality at the core of our values, we offer a range of services to fit your kitchen refreshing needs. From design planning, installation, and aminate to stone bench-tops, our services are tailored to you, following your vision.

    Tristar Kitchens understands each kitchen is a unique character and deserves to be treated as such. With custom designs, we eliminate the need for modular and standard sized cabinets.

    Tristar Kitchens removes the stress of kitchen renovations. We are a call away. Contact us today for a range of styles and designs, at a price to suit any budget.

    Tasteful custom kitchen design, exceptional experience, and teamwork will leave you more than satisfied.

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